PT. One Heart Solution sells Handy Navi Series maker SMK Japan (To detect errors of Nut)

Video of SMK Handy-Navi

SMK_navi Poor weld detection system for nut welding navi series

PT. One Heart Solution sells Handy Navi Series maker SMK Japan, this Handy Navi controller simple and precission to detect errors of Nut or Bolt before welding process ON.

Installation of Handy-Navi in line production


All Purpose manual type!! Simple and Compact.

Picture bellow for connect to Robot Spot or semi-automation system Spot welding.

Picture of Controller and Slide unit

Robo-Navi Controller
• Palm-sized, user-friendly.
• Detects overlapped nuts.
• Prevents manufacturing defectively welded products.
• Errors are indicated.

Robo-Navi Slide Unit
• Inner water-cooling system, cools to the end of the electrode.
• Slim and compact body.
• Silicon nitride guide pin, free from electric corrosion and ensures accurate navi measurement.
• Air-bleed valve, reduces spatter adhesion inside the unit.
• Air-bleed valve, easy replacement of guide pins.
• Easy to install to the welding machine

Picture of Controller & Slide unit


Other model of Handy-Navi

○ Cup Tip Electrodes.
○ Shanks Electrodes.
○ Adaptors for Shank Tip Electrodes.
○ Electrode for Nut welding.
○ Electrode for Bolt Welding.
○ Insert Electrodes.
○ Holder for shank or Electrodes.
○ Horn for Spot welding machine.
○ Horn Holder for Spot welding Machine.
○ Electrode Accessories.
○ Electrode for arc welding.
○ Electrode material.

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