General Information

​■ General Information ■
Established on December 20, 2010 with No. SIUP 503092420, PT. One Heart Solution Comes as a company attempted  in the field of engineering technology. The vision of our company is “To be the best Engineering company  in Indonesia,”.

To achieve this vision, we strive to provide satisfaction to our customers, By applying best Quality, Cost and Delivery competitive time. Do not forget we will always keep the environment protected from damage and we will also maintain the social relationships in which we are located.

PT. One Heart Solution will continue to support any program healthy environment, clean and participate in the establishment of global warming prevention programs.
Finally, we all family PT. One Heart Solution Present for a better Indonesia.

■ Construction Installation Project For Welding line ■
Installation and fabrication of construction of one of our expertise, we will support customers start from the design, manufacturing, installing up to the trial, we will continue to support any resulting improvement to the finish.

■ Welding Jig ■
Our company holds great reputation in the market as a manufacturer and supplier of jigs and fixtures. The company offers a variety of jigs & fixtures, made out of jig boring machine, CNC turning centre, CNC machining centre, and many more conventional machines. Our professionals have immense experience in manufacturing hydraulic / pneumatic / mechanical clamping jigs & fixtures for higher productivity. We manufacture and supply mechanical jigs & fixtures as per customer’s demands. .

■ Welding Jig & Special Purpose Machine ■
Our company manufactures and supplies diverse ranges of jigs and fixtures for conventional machines like drilling jig for PCD holes, drilling jig for linear holes, drilling jig for angular holes, drilling jig for cross holes, drilling jig for twin spindle drilling machines, holding and clamping fixtures for all types of drilling jigs, milling fixtures for slot milling and all other types of milling operations, fixtures for taper shaping, broaching fixtures, gear hobbing fixtures, gear shaping fixtures, grinding fixtures, spline milling fixtures. The company is also known for its vast variety of jigs and fixtures used for CNC operated and special purpose machines such as straightening fixture for propeller shaft, balancing fixture for flywheel, spline rolling fixtures, milling fixtures for VMC, crimping fixture for crimping operation done in automobile components.

■ The results of the work Rotary Base Plate Machining, Special Pin ■
We are maintaining the quality of our work, so we process and manufacture  some part directly for some equipment  that require high precision.

■ System transmission gears on the machine Rotary ■
Our mechanical designers are able to apply some power transfer systems such as transmission gear, linear shafts and other precision depends Part customer needs.

■ Design and installation of Pneumatic System for handling machine ■
Demands of today’s industrial world oriented production efficiency encouraged to apply every tool and machine automation technology, encourage us to apply the results of our design some machines such as engine handling system.

■ Program Design and PLC Electrical Control Wiring for Special Purpose Machine ■
Electrical programs directly designed by our engineers and staff do their own installation process until the trial on the customer under the supervision of our staff engineer, PT. OHS provide warranty for any work that has been handover to the customer, we also guarantee its service after sales.

■ Our Customers :

  1. PT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia (Purwakarta)
  2. PT. Nissan Motor Indonesia (Purwakarta)
  3. PT. Kramayudha Ratu Motor (Pulogadung)
  4. PT. Summit Adyawinsa Indonesia (Karawang)
  5. PT. Aisin Indonesia (Cikarang)
  6. PT. Adyawinsa Stamping Industries (Karawang)
  7. PT. Fuji Technica  Indonesia (KIIC Karawang)
  8. PT. Nusahadi Citra Harmonis  Indonesia (Cikarang)
  9. PT. PK Manufacturing Indonesia (KIIC Karawang)
  10. PT. Yuasa Shoji Indonesia (Jakarta)
  11. PT. Jerlin Kencana Sakti (Cikarang)
  12. PT. Moreen JBBK (Cikarang)
  13. PT. Genero Pharmaceutical (Cikarang)
  14. PT. Indta Pratamajaya (Cikarang)
  15. PT. Berdikari Metal Engineering (Bandung)
  16. Others